Work Work Work

November was really a terrible month. Lots of work to clear before the start of 2011 and lots of planning to finalize before dissemination to other colleagues.
And with hubby’s tuition centre operating in full swing, things were quite tipsy-turvy for us.

Thus, it meant we had very little time with Nat. To make things more challenging, Nat caught a cold and had higher body temperatures over 2 weeks. Her poor little body shrunk in the midst of her illness.
I am so grateful that my parents took so much trouble taking care of Nat and showered her with all their 200% love during the challenging period.

Good thing she has finally recovered.
Well, for the rest of us, it was our turn to fall sick.

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2 Responses to Work Work Work

  1. Wen You says:

    My! My! This is the season to be jolly but seem like the illness is sucking that out of ya! Thank goodness your parents were able to help out. Do take care! Drink more water and try to sleep more at night. See the sensei (Chinese physicians) if you need to. I don’t really like meds that only deals with the symptoms.

  2. Lee Ching says:

    Sometimes, we really need to juggle between our work and kids.. How we wish that there’s more than 24 hours..
    Family members who lend a helping hand during the critical period, do play an important role (:

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