Weekly Photo Challenge – Blue

Interesting theme for the week.

I thought over a few pictures and decided on this as my entry. It is special as it brings back lovely memories of my little missy while she was younger.

We were watching in awe , the huge tank of jellyfish at the Yokohama Aquarium. My little one was amazed at how these creatures look and move in water.

To me, a jellyfish is mysterious aquatic living thing as it is translucent in water and apparently poisonous with its stings. And yet it looks graceful while it swims.

‘Never judge a book by its cover’, that is what I learnt about jellyfish.

Beautiful little creatures.

There are a lot of awesome blogs shared at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/weekly-photo-challenge-blue/

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9 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Blue

  1. ailsapm says:

    Ooh I love this, not only the amazing blue of the jellyfish but the way they frame your faces. Stunning shot! xxx Ailsa

  2. Arindam says:

    Beautiful picture. Great shot.

  3. Lilly Loompa says:

    Beautiful and I love the expression on your child’s face!

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