Travel Theme : Secret Places

This week, Alisa of Where’s my backpack? had put up an interesting theme, secret places.

Here is my entry.

We stopped at this Sesoko beach at the Sesoko Island in Okinawa, Japan.

It is a beach less known and very quiet with lesser vistors, compared to the other beaches. We managed to spend a good hour before the rain arrived. My little one was busy picking up shells from the shallow sea bed.  

It was low tide and the sea water is so clean and transparently clear.

Please refer to Alisa’s blog site for more interesting stories that other bloggers put up.

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8 Responses to Travel Theme : Secret Places

  1. ailsapm says:

    So beautiful, and how lucky to have it all to yourself 🙂

    • abusymom says:

      Yes. Really lucky to have it all to ourselves. 🙂 This is definitely very rare especially when I live in Singapore. A country that is extremely crowded.

  2. Just amazing. It is like being in a magical place. Beautiful photo…love it all!

  3. fiztrainer says:

    This is really beautiful. When you pull up the photo full screen, it’s breathtaking. Really amazing. Thanks for sharing this. 😀

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