Weekly Image of Life : Happiness

My little missy loves outdoor activities. She has this love about bubbles.

Bubbles, especially bubbles floating in the air….

We brought her to an open space within the urban area for a run and she planned to blow her bubbles there. We watched while she was running around with her bubbles.

Pure happiness she was having.

Bubbles, bubbles in the air, who is the happiest today ?    

For us, it is blissful to see her able to appreciate the little joy in her life.

There are more interesting stories of happiness from this man’s journey.

Enjoy reading.  


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2 Responses to Weekly Image of Life : Happiness

  1. Bliss in all it’s purity. Your daughter’s smile shows a happiness that comes from a truly joyful heart, just having a wonderful day. The bubble and her facial expressions sums up what happiness is. Thanks for sharing a beautiful and inspiring post. Love it. Best wishes to you and your love ones.

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