Sunday Post : Unforgettable

This was my first attempt — baking a birthday cake for my little girl.

An ambitious decision as she was going to have a party in school.

An unforgettable experience indeed.


The designing process – I decided to make a fondant cake for my little one. And she loves my little pony. She loves rainbow too.

Putting the concepts into something concrete which is,

Rolled fondant + rainbow + my little pony (to be specific the Rainbow Dash) + chocolate cake.  

That implies, making the character using gumpaste (my first attempt too).

Preparing the various components – baking the chocolate cake, the rolled fondant, colouring of gumpaste, moulding of the Rainbow Dash

And after 2 full days of preparation, this was the end product.


As I brought the cake to the party in school as a surprise, I saw the happiness on All their little faces.


And all eyes were on the the Rainbow Dash.


Finally, my little one has some private time with her little pony and me.

What an unforgettable day for us !


There are more unforgettable posts on the Sunday Post hosted by Jakesprinter. Enjoy reading!

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9 Responses to Sunday Post : Unforgettable

  1. IRENA & dots says:

    It is a beautiful cake and the photos are simply awesome!!

  2. jakesprinter says:

    Beautiful kids, Thanks for sharing your unforgettable photography my friend 🙂

  3. 76sanfermo says:

    You’re a sculptor in disguise…
    Beautiful kids ,amazing photos,fantastic cake!

  4. tokyohamster says:

    This is an amazing cake! You are such a talented baker and designer. The kids must have been blown away 🙂

    • abusymom says:

      Thank you for your kind words. The kids could not wait to taste the rainbow ! 🙂 It really made my day when I saw the sparkles and bright smiles on their faces. 🙂

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