Sunday Post : Bridge

A bridge, an important architectural structure in our daily lives. And metaphorically , we have to build our bridges with different individuals to establish effective communication and thus building relationship. A brilliant theme Jake has set for this week. Do drop by Sunday Post to check out on beautiful posts from many bloggers. My entry. One of the significant landmarks in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture in Central Japan, the red bridge serves as the linkage for the residents to move around. This was a stunning scenery in winter while we were there. Takayama red bridge Surrounded by the tall, snowy mountains of the Japan Alps in northern Gifu Prefecture, Takayama has a history shaped by isolation. In earlier times, Takayama was cut off from the outside world by deep winter snows. This was our third time there and we were still awed by its beauty. Change came slowly, and that allowed Takayama to develop and maintain a unique personality and way of life. Takayama red bridge We were simple speechless and spent an hour appreciating the surrounding. Its serenity and absolute beauty. To us, this is not only a physical structure that serves its purpose, but also a piece of art on its own. Takayama red bridge Enjoy blogging.

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