Weekly Photo Challenge : Treasure

Tiger fondant cake

This was the first birthday cake I baked for my Dad. Since he was borned in the year of tiger, I thought nothing would be more appropriate than to make him a tiger fondant figurine.

My Dad, who is retiring soon, has always been the pillar in the family.

When we were young, he was always engaged in his work and thus we have this constant fear of him. I remembered the times when my brother and I hid under the blanket pretending we were asleep, just to escape from his interrogations about our school work.

I was so glad that he liked the little cake made specially for him.


And he kept the tiger figurine in the fridge even months after the celebration.

He said, “It is a treasure worth keeping.”

And for us, the happiness he showed is what we treasured.

Tiger Fondant

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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge : Treasure

  1. Skye says:

    What a gorgeous cake! I love the cute little tiger.

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