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S’more Cookies

It has been a crazy 4-months since my last post in March. Changes, more correctly, transformation in life that my family and I have gone through over the past months. And thankfully, we are blessed that the outcome is positive … Continue reading

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Sunday post : Nature

An intriguing theme, Nature, James has put up on the Sunday Post. As a newbie to this post, I am very excited about reading good writing and viewing beautiful photos.    More information could be found on : Here is my photo, The Tree. This … Continue reading

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Work Work Work

November was really a terrible month. Lots of work to clear before the start of 2011 and lots of planning to finalize before dissemination to other colleagues. And with hubby’s tuition centre operating in full swing, things were quite tipsy-turvy … Continue reading

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‘I like you mummy’

Nat was down with fever last night and felt groggy after her medication. She refused to sleep as her daddy was not home yet. I tried to coax her by playing a game called ‘color game’. I started by telling … Continue reading

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100s and 1000s

Ice cream is one of the greatest invention so far. (I wonder who is the inventor?) The various type of toppings just flavours to the desert. Nat has developed this ability to gobble up a scoop of ice-cream on her … Continue reading

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How’s your day, Mummy ?

‘How’s your day mummy ?’ Nat has this perculiar way of checking if I was bothered by some of her acts. Whenever, she was naughty and was caught red-handed, she would ask, “Mummy, how’s your day?”. Whether my answer was … Continue reading

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‘Dont sweat over the small stuffs’

Currently, I am reading this book written by Richard Carlson ‘Don’t sweat over the small stuffs’. Fantastic book on how to live our lives in a more meaningful and fulfilling manner. I like this article on ‘Allow yourself to get … Continue reading

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